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Hi there, have you ever thought how you will make games using the new Source 2 engine without paying a dime. Valve made it official at the GDC 2015 summit. Source was being replaced. Source, for anyone who is in the dark, is the engine that supported the platform that developed Half-Life 2. Source was replaced with Source 2, and this new platform was inaugurated to be used for free by any developer. Moreover, Source 2 will support the dominance of PCs once it is combined with analogous news from Unity and Epic.

Source 2 is the best and easy for use by any developer. Valve had a busy week in March 2015 at the GDC as it announced that it was making its own version of a VR headset, several new machines for streaming, and a brand new box for streaming as well. There are some third parties that are copying the way the living room in Valve is made. The makers of valve, Falcon Northwest and Alien-ware, issued sanctions to other over a dozen companies that were showcasing their prowess in Valve at the GDC’s showroom. The makers of Valve said that the opening price of the game was to be similar to all game consoles, but the news ones will have enhanced controls that will make them stronger and have a few other components.



The company also released a virtual reality headset that came under the name Vibe. The virtual headset was developed in collaboration with HTC, and the headset was displayed at the GDC show. Valve has been on the issue of a virtual headset for quite some time and this effort put into the making of the headset was rewarded at the GDC. It was voted as the fastest released headset, and many developers had a feeling of Vive for the first time last spring in the year 2015. The full commercial launch of Vive was slated for late 2015. Vive comes in as an interesting device. It has the latest technology with: the input system is new and a lighthouse (a tracking system that is room scaled). On top of Source 2, the developing company said that Lighthouse will be a free hardware for use by any company that might be interested in its operation and high tech.

GDC came under closure once the company released Stream Link. Stream Link is a hardware device that has the ability of streaming games from the devices playing them to devices that are using the same network. Stream Link came with USB ports, HDMI out, a network cable port that has the ability of supporting resolutions ranging from 1000 to 1080p. The speed of streaming any content via the Stream Link is anticipated to be 60 HZ. The device was first released in the month of November, 2015. Stream Link was introduced with an introductory price of $49.99. This is the same price with which the Steam Controller from Valve had on its debut.