Enjoy the ultimate gaming experience with Jailbreak: Source

Video games are real fun and best activity to enjoy free time. You can enjoy your leisure time by playing one of your favorite video games. Nothing beats the fun of playing a video game. Online and offline games, both are popular not only among theteenagersbut also among the adults. Video games equally entertain the people of different age groups.

What is Jailbreak: Source?

If you are a true video game lover then you must be aware with theJailbreak:Source. It is a multi-player, but the team-based video game. It is also known as first-person action video game. It was released in the year of 2007. It was created as a complete change on the source engine of Valve Corporation. Presently, the game is on the ‘beta development stage’.


First milestone of Jailbreak: Source

This is one of the most popular video games in the entire globe. Many milestones have been created and grabbed by this amazing video game. The first and major milestone was made in the year of 2007, when the third main community version was launchedjust two months later of the release.

Second milestone of Jailbreak: Source

Well, Jailbreak: Source is a successful game so milestones and honors are very normal for the game. After first rock on performance in the gaming market, the creator of this game brought a storm in the year of 2008. They made their biggest release in just over a year. Their current version is 0.6, which was launched in the year of 2010.

Game Play of Jailbreak: Source

It is an interesting power and action-packed game. It is created around two different teams. Normally, teams are defined as robots and dinosaurs. Each has one jail in their base. The whole idea of the game revolves around these two teams and jail.Basically, the concept is when the enemy player is killed; they enter inside the jail of opponent team. In their jail, they can either wait for the release by their own team member who is actually fighting to found the release key or break out by their own resources, through tricky and deadly escape paths.


On one occasion the entire opponent team is in jail, the stage is won and the losing team implemented in a several of nasty and bizarre paths.If you really love this game then you will get some of the greatest weapons like rail-guns and chain-guns in the latest launch of Jailbreak: Source game.

What is new about the game?

In many video games, we have seen one-lined pattern only. However, scenarios are different in this game. They have added many attractive and amazing features in the game in their every launch. For example, in their 0.4 version, they introduced a new feature of ‘Points and Perks’. It has significantly changed the focus of the entire game play in the direction of cooperation and collaboration. In the recent release 0.6, you will get two new game modes. They are ‘deathball’ and ‘king of the hill’.

Jailbreak: Source is an interesting video game. With every release, you will get some amazing surprises to make the game more interesting and enjoyable. If you love to play video games surely, it is a must-play game for you.

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