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Has Source gone through any upgrades?

The development of Source was not intended to make a stagnant technology. It was created to evolve across the changes in technology as opposed to the other games that rarely progress from the platform in which they were made. There are different systems within Source that are represented by various modules all of which are updated in a separate manner. Valve has the ability of distributing the updates to several other users through the Steam technology. However, you should realize that there have been some breaks here and there as far as constant updates are concerned. Once Half Life 2 was released as well as the Orange Box and Episode One, newer versions were introduced that could not run the older games or modes without having the latest updates. The two versions called for less work as opposed to the other versions that required some more work as far as updating was concerned.

Is there any history of Source?

The origin of Source is not hidden from anyone. GoldSrc is the predecessor of Source, and it is believed that source originated from it. Before GoldSrc came into being, there was Quake Engine whose developer was John Carmack. John Carmack issued a statement in his blog that he believes that there would be new developments from his invention such as Quake Code as featured in Half Life 2. Erick Johnson, an employee of Valve, was tasked with explaining how the quake engine nomenclature works to the Developer Community at Valve. Source was not developed in full. It was developed gradually, part to part, and it replaced GoldSrc in the long run. Once Valve developed Source, several other mixtures of other software have been coming up based on the same code. The internal physics of Source is driven by Ipion technology which was developed by Havok.

What is source?

Source has other meanings in the English language, but for the purpose of gaming it has other meanings. It is a video game engine made in 3D. Valve Corporation is credited with the innovation of Source, and it is also important to note that Valve Corporation succeeded GoldSrc. The debut of Source as a game was in June 2004 under Counter Strike. It was later followed by Half Life 2. Since then, Source has been developing actively without fail. It is not made with a scheme of numbering, but it is made with continuous updates that come in an incremental manner. Source 2, the successor of GoldSrc was officially announced and launched in the year 2015 March. Source was first used by Dota 2 before it was ported over in September the same year, 2015.