Half-Life2 VS Half life

Half life is a video game that was launched in the year 1998 by an America based game developer Valve. The game is a first person shooter game i.e. a player who plays the game experiences the game as a combatant. In this game, player has to assume that he/she is Dr. Gordon Freeman who is fighting with his haters or solving puzzles as his teleportation experiment has gone wrong.

Half life is different from all other games as it does not contain any cut scenes in between like all other games contain. Instead half life game makes use of the scripted sequences that can be viewed via eyes while playing. Developers created the game to make the game look hypnotic to the players. Game engine that is used in half life is GoldSrc that is a heavier version of the previously made Quake engine.


Story of Half Life:

There is a scientist Dr. Gordon Freeman who works at Anomalous Materials Lab where he has to perform some special experiment and when he pushes specimen to beam of anti mass spectrometer, spectrometer gets collapsed that is called as resonance cascade due to which he is reached to planet of an alien. So, in order to save himself from the creatures of xen, he starts fighting with the help of guns and weapons. Once he kills all the organisms that created resonance cascade, G-man who looks after all the activities of Freeman, offers a job to Freeman and congratulates him for the success.

Half life-2 is not a different game but it just another series of Half life. This version of half life was launched in the year 2004. The game was developed with five year plan of 40 dollar millions. In half life 2, player is able to initiate the game without items. In this game, like the previous versions Gordon kills his enemies with the help of guns and weapons or he sends his team for this purpose.

Some new features of Half Life 2:

  1. New source engine has been used in the development of half life 2 and its graphics are also improved.
  2. New environmental puzzles have been introduced that allows the player for placing, picking up and moving the objects from one place to another.


  • This game also involves driving the vehicles unlike previous versions of Half life.
  1. In this game, Gordon has a gravity gun with which far objects can be drawn closer. With the gravity gun, player is also able to shape the objects in larger form that is not possible with weapons.

Half life 2 is a story that starts after 20 years of resonance cascade incident. Freeman meets Lambda resistance members and joins them. Now, Freeman is given a gravity gun so that he could easily pick up or move up the objects from once place to another place. Freeman again faces difficulty in City 17 and now he has to come out of all the difficulties that he is facing with the help of more advanced technologies.

Therefore, Half Life 2 is really a different story but one thing is common that Freeman has to save himself with advanced technologies that were not available in Half Life’s first series.

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