Release of Jailbreak Source 0.6

Jailbreak: Source is a first person action game that can be played by multiple players. The game has been developed by Valve on the source engine. The game was released on February, 14th in year 2007. Source 0.2 version was released after the week of release of the very first version. Source 0.3 version got released after two months of it i.e. in April, 2007. Source 0.4 was launched next year i.e. in year 2008. The latest version of Jailbreak i.e. source 0.6 was released after 2 years i.e. on January, 15, 2010.

One amazing fact about this game is that the game Jailbreak was developed by only team of 2 people in a period of four weeks.

Gameplay of Jailbreak:


The game jailbreak has two teams: robots and dinosaurs. Each team has a jail in the base. In game, if an enemy player gets killed, they re enter in the jail of opposing teams where they either wait for release by their team who fight for getting release button or they try to escape from adventurous and dangerous routes. The game can be won only when whole team of enemies got caught in the jail. After then, points and perks were introduced into source 0.4 version of jailbreak. With the help of points and perks, custom classes can be created because of which players can play the game in Stealthy weapon role or any type of combination that player wants to. Teamwork feeling got enhanced in the mind of players so as to counteract the perk system of enemy team.

The purpose of introducing point system was to give rewards to players who either kill many soldiers or those who get successful in escaping from prison. Purpose of introducing perks was to allow players to spend the points they have earned on some of the abilities or skills. Some of the perks that are offered to the players are double jump, regeneration, stealth, awareness and healing.


This game consists of 12 different maps, each with unique environments. Some of the themes that map contains are a crashing space ship, underwater research station, arctic base etc. When the maps were in built mode, developer kept 16 players in mind but it can work for 32 players. Every map has some tricky puzzles, haunted routes and dodging lasers. One more amazing thing about maps is that each map has a unique type of execution.

Therefore, if you want to play Jailbreak, your aim is to put all your enemies in the jail or to escape your team members by reaching to the enemy’s jail and escaping from there from deadly or haunted routes. In this game, one round is not finished until one team gets totally locked in the jail. So, to move to next round, you need to make sure that you have locked all your enemies in the jail. In source 0.6 version, new perks, weapons, new maps, improved graphics, models of new players etc. have been added to the previous versions.

Hi there, have you ever thought how you will make games using the new Source 2 engine without paying a dime. Valve made it official at the GDC 2015 summit. Source was being replaced. Source, for anyone who is in the dark, is the engine that supported the platform

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