Technology used in making of Jailbreak Game

Jailbreak game that consists of two teams namely robots and dinosaurs is aimed at putting the enemies or players of opposing team in the jail and lock them in the jail. With the advancement of technology, game has been developed with advanced technologies. Technology has made it possible that multiple players can play this game at a time. Source engine is used in the development of the game Jailbreak.

Engine used in Jailbreak:

Engine that is used in developing Jailbreak game is a Source Engine. Valve Corporation developed this engine after the success of GoldSrc engine. Firstly, it was in the game Counter Strike in year 2004 and got popular since then. It is a 3D game engine that does not have a numbering scheme for its different versions but it keeps on getting incremental updates. Latest version of source engine, source2 has been released in the year 2015.The source engine is derived from the GoldSrc engine and it’s a heavy modified version of Quake engine.


Tools used in source engine:

  1. Source SDK :

SDK stands for software development kit. It is a development kit for the source engine and consists of the tools that Valve uses for developing assets. SDK has many command line programs that are being designed to handle complicated functions. Three applications that come under Source SDK are: Model Viewer, Face Poser and Hammer Editor. Role of the Face poser is to use animation and choreography effects. Model viewer is used to look upon the models and mainly used for the purpose of development. Hammer editor is used to access the compilation tools present in SDK.

  1. Source dedicated server:

It is a server that acts as a launcher for source engine and responsible for running a multiple player game without the help of client. It can be run via either windows or Linux.

  • Source filmmaker:

This tool is used for capturing video and for doing modifications in the application through source engine. It can be used publically and can be downloaded easily.


Features of the Source Engine:

  • Distributing 3D view on platforms such as Xbox, Windows.
  • Rendering open graphics library on Linux and OS X.
  • Providing HDR view to the games.
  • Providing features likefacial animation and lip-sync etc.
  • Providing water simulation effects.
  • Providing modularity and flexibility.
  • Providing efficient, powerful network-enabled physics system.

Technology plays an important role in the development of any application. Source Engine has provided the gamers a different environment of gaming. Because of its HD quality and attractive animation effects, Jailbreak has always received positive reception from everywhere. According to some research, it has been found that maps used in the jailbreak look so amazing that anyone can get lost in the feel of location shown in maps. The technology used in the game jailbreak has made it look amazing and every time a user plays it, it increases the interest of user in the game because of greatly depicted animation effects in the game.

Hi there, have you ever thought how you will make games using the new Source 2 engine without paying a dime. Valve made it official at the GDC 2015 summit. Source was being replaced. Source, for anyone who is in the dark, is the engine that supported the platform

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